This Web page has a Story. A story about a man named Tom;

Tom, who is a Visual Artist.

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View from the roof of Tom's home in Lincoln Nebraska 
The view in this image is from the roof of Tom's home, overlooking Lincoln's 12th Street Arts Corridor. The University of
Nebraska at Lincoln (UNL) Downtown Campus is centerstage, with Memorial Stadium towering from the north.
The Sheldon Museum of Art and The Lied Center for Performing Arts feature prominently.
The Gargolye guards from 3 directions, and hides from the front.

   Writer's Desk, Window, Lawn; Simple Things.
Layers of reality; a perspective in reflection; the ultimate significance of simple things.
Truth from the past growing into the future, this image says so much about the historic event that took place in Bancroft, NE on August 2nd, 2015.
The first Sunday in August is John G. Neihardt Day in Nebraska, commemorating our Poet Laureate in Perpetuity. A ceremony is held every year at the John G. Neihardt State Historical Site in Bancroft. People gather on the grounds to picnic, enjoy music, peruse the museum and other features of this unique site. Neihardt's study is preserved on the grounds, his writing desk the subject of this photograph. The formal ceremony is staged in the Sacred Hoop Prayer Garden, observers clustering in the deepest shade of the trees.
A lantern seen through a window of John G. Neihardt's Study
This year marks the 50th Neihardt Day, and some special elements were included in the program. Living history interpreters Brad Kellogg and Raija Weiershauser performed John Neihardt and his wife Mona, exploring the remarkable story of their relationship. Actor/Photographer James Storm traveled from California to donate an original Neihardt manuscript that he was given in 1961. As Storm relayed the events that brought him here, he looked a little like John Neihardt, wild hair and intense eyes. The manuscript, When the Tree Flowered, didn't look like much, a sheaf of papers in a decades-old cardboard box, but Storm held it lovingly and presented it with respectful gravity. Coralie Hughes and Robin Neihardt, John Neihardt's Grandchildren, read aloud a description of heaven from The Cycle of the West. Many other descendants of John and Mona were in attendence. Myron Pourier, Great-Great Grandson of Nicholas Black Elk, spoke about the current movement to change the name of Harney Peak in South Dakota to Black Elk Peak, Operation Mountain Name Change. Pourier, a veteran and family man, talked about his experiences with racism and shared a positive vision of empowerment. His story of prayer and humble persistence brought the participants back from the past, bearing messages for the future. Far from being a dead poet, John Neihardt's work still inspires us to strive for understanding and work for what is right. As Pourier ended his words and prepared to step down, the Neihardt family intervened; they had something to give him. Black Elk gave John Neihardt, whom he called Flaming Rainbow, a number of gifts. All but one are housed in the Neihardt Center; the other was passed down among John Neihardt's family. This year the family decided that it should be gifted to Black Elk's family. A Bow, Arrows with Bone points and Arrows with Metal points, were presented to Myron Pourier. An Honor Song by Jerome Kills Small was a satisfying resolution to Pourier's suprise and the awe of the crowd, giving time for hugs and handshakes, to wipe a few tears, and just feel the moment together. According to tradition, the ceremony came to an end with a recording of John Neihardt, reciting Black Elk's Prayer.
Layers of reality, a perspective in reflection, the ultimate significance of simple things.
Writer's Desk: Window.
-Rebecca Rose-

Snakes intertwined
Garter snakes in brush pile
Visual art has eye catching and eye sticking qualities; a pile of future kindling supports this gathering of snakes. After the eyes are "caught" comes the eye sticking part, revealed by introducing math into the visual equation: how many snakes are in this image?

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Bug Mania
 Cicada in Summertime at Camp inverted on a tree branch
At Camp the 17 year cicadas were everywhere, thick on the trees, creep-walking around the parking lot, clicking through the air like tiny mechanicals. They will land on you, fall on your head, cling to your shirt. Their needle-like feet poke through the fabric a bit as they traverse you. They are loud. Each one can burst out with sound like a gear being stripped. Collectively they fill the hills with a deep, corrugated buzzing.

Memorial Monterey Dream
montery image trees sky and waves
I love Monterey. My first virtual visit was "Cannery Row" by John Steinbeck. The tree in this image is like many along the Monterey coast in California, rising up to the heavens, reaching, reaching, with high branches oriented like lightning, starting high on the tree before branching into the blue blue sky, puffy clouds and ocean waves upon the horizon.

The Eagle, the Tree, and the Giant Screen (in motion)

 animated gif of the 12th street arts corridor
Tom is always guiding me to Visual Art opportunities. This time I followed him around the 5th level of Rampark to find this shot. Complete with motion on the JumboTron.

Eyes on Iris
A lovely BLoom of Iris in Nebraska

Purple blushing blooms of Iris in Nebraska, a softer force of springtime.
Raindrops on the petals reveals a recent rain shower.

Spring Tulip

Springtime in Nebraska is an unstoppable force.
This animated gif illustrates how spring just kind of pops. A warmer day, lots of sunshine, and Spring comes in, regardless of cold or unpredictable spring snow.

Is it a selfie?
is this a selfie or not image is a reflection of 2 people in a window with 12th St ART Zone
" My dad and I had a brief argument over if this is a selfie or not. Well it is. Its your classic mirror selfie with a twist, that being it was taken in a window rather than a mirror,"- Z  (In the shades).
And so it goes with conversation while walking on the 12th street Arts Corridor

Glow Big Red
The Huskers Red-White Spring Game will be April 11th 2015
A view of the lights emnimating from Memorial Stadium in Lincoln Nebraska Our Gargoyle collects falling snow while on duty
Art from the top of Centerstone.
On duty, Gargoyle collects snow downtown. Tom was with camera, also on duty in the wee morning hours, atop our downtown office.

Wigs on Parade Walking Downtown with a digital camera, Tom Bouse spies this jewel near
Ruby Begonia's
colorful wigs on display at ruby begonia's Art is always close downtown,
Just look at these Wigs parading Like Spring Blooms

3d hollyhock image linked to
Goddess of Love
Once On This Island
The godess Erzulie orange and blue with palm trees in the background Ted Sorensen Theater
Lincoln High School - Lincoln Nebraska Directed by John Heineman

Belly of a Belly Dancer with tattoos, coins and other danglies

Image of A Belly Dancers Belly
Visual Art by Morgan
A Healthy Choice Massage and Day Spa Banner ad blue with golden letters
Tower Square New CityScape Event Solstice 2014 Ascent by Jun Kalenko
New City Scape Visual Art of Tower Square  A New City Scape in Lincoln Nebraska - Tower Square

Santa touching down on 1st Street in Seward Nebraska November 29th 2014 5:45pm
Santa and his Sleigh in Seward NebraskaAfter the ugly sweater contest at the Seward Civic Center, I Wanted to skip town and avoid the parade route. Still, having overheard where the parade staging area might be, I was curious so...We took to side streets. Somehow we found ourselves turning around in a residential driveway after encountering a sign indicating NO PARKING PARADE ROUTE. A right turn and two left turns, the floats were all there. Floats lined up on and around 1st, and Roberts. Upon finding ourselves in the middle of the parade action, I was almost unnerved. Then I changed my mind, the spontaneity of the moment taking over. Milt was out of the car and taking shots before I could think about any awkardness.This is one of the photographs he shot while we all took in the floats and the people and the start of the Seward November Parade.

Fallen fully colored leaves on a street in Lincoln Nebraska November 2nd 2014
Fallen Leaves full of colors

Lovely flower on the Mopac Trail in Lincoln Nebraska October 17th 2014 5:08pm
flowers along mopac trail in lincoln nebraska

Lovely tree in Autumn on the mopac trail
Autumn gives us remarkable transitory images; like this tree along Mopac Trail in Lincoln Nebraska

Tom's Malmoea

Rebecca Rose LMT standing in a QiGong situation
Rebecca Rose - Skills for Health

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